pub Discover FAQ

What is pub discover?

pub Discover is a directory of digital video creators which allows you to sort through numerous creators by categories, audience size, performance, and a pub score. Think of it as the yellow pages for digital video creators.

What happens after I inquire about licensing?

pub will reach out to the creator’s representation on your behalf to learn if the creator is open to potentially licensing their content. For clarity, pub does not represent, nor speak for any of the creators listed in pub discover, and pub offers no guarantee that they will license their content. For more information, please visit our Terms of Use.

Does this cost money?

Nope. pub discover is a free tool.

How do you source your creators?

We utilize YouTube’s API Services.

What if I can’t find the creator I’m looking for?

Email us at and we’ll then add them to our directory.

Can I contact the pub team with further questions?

Sure. Just shoot us an email at

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